• BMW i8 looks good in the sunrise!

    The @BMW i8 just before sunrise. @therealautoblog #HappyMornings pic.twitter.com/sBHfFesUqx — Seyth Miersma (@Seyth) September 24, 2015 ——————- Here's another photo of the beautiful #BMW #i8 taken by @Seyth pic.twitter.com/b0CVXUnZn6 — Autoblog.com (@therealautoblog) September 24, 2015

  • YouTube loves to watch BMW videos

    .@YouTube viewers prefer @BMW #Youtube #BMW http://t.co/KUHD7CsW7x pic.twitter.com/YmitURfppp — Autoblog.com (@therealautoblog) September 11, 2015

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