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German cars are a specialized product; they are very complex and technologically advanced. It takes extensive training, special equipment, and unique diagnostic software to properly repair and maintain these vehicles. For years, dealerships have been exploiting this to justify ridiculous labor rates and parts mark-ups. The owners of these vehicles had to choose between spending a fortune at the dealership or risking misdiagnosis, further damage to the vehicle and even their safety by using an unqualified general repair facility .

Now you don’t have to Compromise!

Brian’s Motor Works is the business of Brian Dix, BMW Master-tech with years of experience in the BMW repair industry. Brian’s clean, modern facility is equipped with the exact same diagnostic equipment BMW supplies to its dealers. Our aim is to provide the very highest quality and workmanship, at fair and honest prices. Plus, we have connections with major German parts suppliers to provide the exact same parts you would get at the dealership. You see, most of the parts on a car were developed in conjunction with independent engineering suppliers such as Siemens, Bosch, Continental, etc. The car manufacturer buys the parts from the supplier and sells them to their dealers at a huge mark-up, who then sells to the customer at an even higher mark-up. We can get the same parts, from the original supplier, at a fraction of what the dealer charges.

Why choose us over competitive independent BMW specialists? There are many shops out there ranging from a genuine specialist on all aspects of BMW repair to those that, although unqualified and ill-equipped, are willing to attempt a repair. Let’s break down the types of independent BMW shops from worst to best:

  1. The “We fix everything” foreign car shop. These shops will attempt work on everything from Hondas and Toyotas to Porsches and BMWs. There is no way they can have the expertise, resources and special tools to properly maintain all of these different makes, especially the high end German cars. All too often, the customer will be charged for the failed repair attempt and possibly have to pay to repair additional damage to the vehicle along with their initial problem.
  2. The German car specialty shop that services multiple German brands. These shops are a huge step up from the first shop, but their experience and resources are still diluted amongst the different brands. If they do have all of the special tools, tech subscriptions, etc. for all of the brands they service, that expense will likely be reflected in their prices.
  3. A single marque specialist like Brian’s Motor Works that is dedicated to just BMWs is always best. I have the genuine BMW diagnostic system, a technical subscription to access the same resources BMW provides to its dealer technicians, and factory tools for tasks like timing engines and to pull/press parts into place. If I don’t have a tool I need, I go buy it right from BMW. For example, how many shops do you think have a $3500 power supply that was made specifically to BMW’s specifications to keep their cars powered up during programming? I do.

People always assume they get the best service from the dealership, but it isn’t true. BMW only requires about 10% of its dealer Technicians to be trained to Master tech status. If you choose us to service your BMW, you are guaranteed a Master Technician! Also, many BMW dealerships are initiating quotas for their Technicians. If a Technician falls short of his hour quota at the end of the week, he gets punished. The odds of having an unnecesary repair recommended by the dealership has just increased significantly!

Our BMW knowledge and experience is so extensive, we’re making BMWs our only focus.

We service BMW Group vehicles for clients from Woodstock, Kennesaw, Marietta, Roswell, GA.


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